I admit that of myself, I am
powerless to solve my own
problems, powerless to
improve my life.
I now come to understand that a power greater than myself , the
infinite creative intelligence, the master mind is
responding to me in a personal way
I now realize that erroneous,
self-defeating thinking is the
cause of my problems, failures,
unhappiness and fears.  I am
ready to have my belief system
completely altered so my life
can be transformed
I make a decision to turn my life over to the care of
the master-mind, surrendering my will and false
beliefs.  I ask to be changed at depth.
I forgive myself for all
mistakes I have made.  I also
forgive and release everyone
who has injured or harmed
me in any way.
I now make known my specific requests
to the master mind and my ancestors.
I joyously accept and give thanks,
knowing that the miracle-working
power of the master mind has
responded to my every need.    I
assume the same feelings I would
have if my requests were already

I have a covenant in which it is
agreed that the master mind, the
great ancestor spirit, shall supply me
with an abundance of all things
necessary to live a success filled and
happy life.